How to Maintain (But Not Overhaul) Your Face

Two Situations In Which It Might Be Worth Getting Dermal Fillers

There are several situations in which it might be worth getting dermal fillers injected into your face. Here are some examples of situations which might call for this type of cosmetic procedure.

You have lost a large amount of weight

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, then you may want to consider getting some filler injections.

The reason for this is that when a person loses a lot of weight, they often lose fat not only from their body but also from their face.

Losing facial fat can be a problem, as this fat usually fills up the skin and thus helps to smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines.

If your weight loss has resulted in you losing a lot of facial fat, you may find that your skin looks less plump and youthful and that your fine lines are more pronounced than they once were.

If this is the case, then dermal fillers could be very useful. This cosmetic procedure, which involves injecting filler into various parts of the face, will perform a similar function to your facial fat in that it will fill in wrinkles and give the skin on your face a smoother, firmer appearance.

Menopause has had a negative impact on your skin

Menopause typically results in major changes to a woman's hormone levels. These changes can have a dramatic impact on her skin, as in addition to causing dryness (which can make fine lines look more visible), they can also significantly reduce the amount of collagen that her body produces. This can then affect the firmness and elasticity of her skin.

As such, if you have entered menopause, it is quite likely that the skin on your face (as well on your body) has started to sag. This sagging can make you look older and far more tired than you actually are.

If this bothers you, then it might be worth finding a health professional that injects dermal fillers. The reason for this is that, in addition to filling in wrinkles, fillers can also help to sculpt and lift parts of the face.

For example, getting fillers in your nasolabial folds can not only help to improve the appearance of the wrinkles that form in this part of the face but can also subtly lift the areas of the cheeks next to these folds. This, in turn, can give your cheeks a more youthful look.